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Microsoft Viva Insights Workshop for HR Managers

Balance productivity and wellbeing  

The Microsoft Viva platform is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that brings together modern technologies to centralize an organization’s knowledge sharing, employee learning, company insights, and team communications in one integrated employee experience. 


This workshop is designed for human resources team to obtain personal, manager, and leadership insights of an organizationworkforce that are actionable to improve productivity and wellbeing. 


This workshop will teach you how to interpret employee wellbeing experiences with Viva’s MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics tools to create a culture of positive employee experiences. 


During this ninety-day duration workshop, we will partner with your HR and IT team to implement, deploy, and tune Viva Insights to your organization’s needs. 

This is a very interactive, hands-on workshop.

Session 1 – Implementation and Set up

This session will explain the Viva fundamentals and align your human resource challenges to the Viva application.   

Other tasks include: 

  • Viva license review of your M365 environment 
  • Data load and metadata tagging into the Viva application for processing. 
  • Clarify business objectives with this workshop 
  • Define metrics 
  • Core workforce challenges 
  • Human Resource challenges 

Session 2 – Analyze and Recommendations

This session helps you better understand employee data and metrics within the Viva application. Together we review reports within the Viva portal and through PowerBI, confirm data is accurate, and ensure reporting metrics align with the business expectations. 

SoHo will coach the HR team on how to communicate the findings to other business units actionable insight. 

SoHo will deliver an enablement workshop to the HR team to obtain organization buy-in.   This is key for a go-live Viva strategy. 

Session 3 – Tune-Up / Follow Up

This session is a two-month duration where the SoHo team tunes up the Viva installation, removes outlier data, and reviews workshop objectives. 

This will include comparing Viva data to your industry. 


After participating in this workshop, your organization will have successfully installed and deployed Viva Insights across the organization with department buyin and understanding of employee findings.


IT, Human Resources




Training/ Workshop

Service Category

  • Adoption


  • 2-3 Months Duration


  • Employee Engagement
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