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M365 Adoption and Governance Workshop

Teams & Microsoft 365- Made Simple. Enable, adopt and govern in Microsoft 365 with Orchestry, across your entire organization, empowering IT Administrators and end-users


  1. Is governance a challenge with your SharePoint? AKA bottlenecks 
  2. Are you wondering how many team sites are not being used on your tenant? 
  3. Do you require insights to who is using which sites and when? 
  4. Need templating of Communication / Teams sites or MS Teams? 
  5. Do you have time-consuming customizations? 

Was your answer “yes” to at least two of those questions? Our M365 adoption and governance workshop is ideal for a SharePoint administrator who wants to take back control of their M365 environment without a science project. 


In this workshop you will learn how to enable, adopt and govern in Microsoft 365 with the Orchestry product, across your entire organization, empowering IT Administrators and end-users. 

Workspace Templates + Provisioning + Directory + Dashboard + Governance = ALL-INCLUSIVE IN ORCHESTRY 


During this two-day workshop, we’ll partner with you and the Orchestry product to drive Microsoft 365 usage, governance, and adoption success.

Session 1 – Discovery

Get to know your M365 environment, issues, and previous problems with governance, and user adoption that may have happened. This will include a review of your current sites and available resources and a review of our tenant inventory report.

Session 2 – Analyze

This session starts by helping you better understand how to governance with confidence with the Orchestry product.

An overview of:

  • How the Orchestry tool works for SharePoint and Teams
  • Workspace Templates
  • Empowering Microsoft 365 Governance Libraries
  • Workspace Directory
  • Microsoft 365 Provisioning
  • Identify cost saving
  • Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management
  • Microsoft 365 Insights/Intelligence

Session 3 – Act

A governance and adoption action plan. We will walk you through best practices, tips, and approaches to site provisioning, governance, and reporting.


After taking this workshop you will have a strategy to end-user adoption and governance for your M365 SharePoint and Teams environment with ease and confidence.

This workshop does require the purchase of the Orchestry product.


Stakeholders, Administrators


Teams, O365, SharePoint



Service Category

  • Adoption


  • 2–3 Days


  • Admin


This workshop is part of SoHo’s Teams Cloud Accelerator workshop series:

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