About Us

UI/ UX Development

UX / UI (UX for user experience and UI for user interface) are key elements that determine whether people can intuitively use technology. Design determines whether an experience is intuitive or jarring. Solid research reveals whether early assumptions held true or failed to hit the mark. By engaging a mature team such as SoHo's, you benefit from over a decade's experience in which we designed, built, and delivered modern digital workplaces that put the user first.

We pride ourselves on easy-to-use solutions that work for the end-user – not "science projects".

Whether you need an intranet, extranet, or internet site, we have the design skills and knowledge of current techniques to transform your site into an intuitive user experience(UX), one that drives adoption throughout the enterprise and gives you full advantage of SharePoint’s modern design capabilities.

Whether you are using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, we bring your technology together seamlessly.

Our Core Competencies

  1. Angular, React, Vue
  2. SharePoint framework – SPFx,
  3. Office Fabric
  4. Fluent UI, Material UI, Semantic Ui
  5. HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  6. Node/Gulp/ Webpack / NPM
  7. Cross browser / mobile dev
  8. A/B Testing