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What Project Cortex Means to Your Organization

Content: M365 Project Cortex offers a new reality to enterprise knowledge management. Project Cortex applies AI to reason over organizational data and presents it by topics such as projects and customers.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data and information in enterprise-level knowledge management. Project Cortex offers an innovative solution, combining smart content ingestion, document analyses, and sophisticated content modeling to ensure that your vital information does not get lost in the noise.

Jeff Willinger, MVP
Jeff is a rainmaker, cloud-first, advocator of advanced capture and document imaging, Microsoft MVP, leader, and an internationally-recognized online influencer, analyst, and expert on all things digital transformation, customer and employee experience, web collaboration, enterprise social networking, and enterprise IT strategy. Jeff has been named one of the top SharePoint and Office 365 personalities for the past ten years. He is called a character with character and is an early adopter of enterprise 2.0 technologies, social media content and marketing, e-commerce; community building, change management, engagement, and a go-to partner.


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