About Us


Given that SoHo’s headquarters office is based off Wall Street, it's not surprising that we deliver financial IT solutions.

SoHo has been helping Murex clients transform their front, middle, and back-office operations and risk-management functions - including collateral management and treasury operations - for the past 5 years. That's allowed us to develop a unique and robust set of services, tools, and offerings around the platform.

In addition, we have the skills and expertise to support the projects, including MX.3 upgrades and application management.

Our core skill sets include: Migrations, DevOps enablers, cloud, continuous testing, upgrades, and managed services.

Why Us for Murex

  1. Application Support
  2. Implementation
  3. Testing
  4. Business Analysis
  5. Training
  6. Application Maintenance
  7. Regulatory and Compliance