Case Study

Functional Test Automation – QA Automation

Project Summary

The client had an in-house team that was handling manual QA for their intranet web sites. The client realized that their product maintenance costs were consistently rising and customization offerings were suffering as their in-house QA team was unable to quickly test the product which caused a delay in release and thus leading to revenue losses for the organization.

  • The application was constantly growing and we had to find a way to reduce testing times for regression suite, increase the amount of test cases and improve the system quality overall
  • Rising operational costs to maintain in-house manual QA team
  • No way to get early/instant QA health report
  • Limited documentation and the isolation of test scripts from the core layers made it a challenge to integrate testing in the application screen.

By looking to above challenges, SoHo Dragon has come up with functional test automation solution. We build test automation framework based on Selenium. Prepared test scripts for main application. By which we were able to reduce manual testing time as well as able to check product stability quickly.






Functional Test Automation

Our Role

  • Developed automation framework
  • Identify and prepped test script
  • CI Configuration
  • Maintained Automation Scripts

Project Success

  • Reduced manual testing time
  • Used CI to get Product Stability reporting


  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Java / TestNG / Maven
  • Jenkins
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