Case Study

Electronic Data Security Act to Protect Private Information Implemented to O365

Project Summary

The secret to myHR Partner’s success is HR outsourcing, which means that there’s a lot of confidential information stored on their systems.

In 2019, New York joined California, Massachusetts, and Colorado in adopting a law requiring businesses that collect private information on residents to implement reasonable cybersecurity safeguards to protect that information. New York’s law mandates the implementation of a data-security program, including measures such as risk assessments, workforce training, incident-response planning/testing, and secure data-destruction protocols.

SoHo engaged myHR Partner with its Compliance Workshop to perform the following:

  • Review and acquire licenses.
  • Configure and enable findings and insights from SoHo’s automated discovery process.
  • Outline actionable recommendations and suggestions for improved mitigation and governance.
  • Provide detailed assessment of myHR Partner’s IT and compliance priorities as well as initiatives.
  • Compile short, mid, and long-term recommendations on a compliance strategy that fits into myHR Partner’s budget.


Human Resources


Compliance & Security



Our Role

  • MS License explanation and configuration
  • Compliance advice an implemented
  • MS O365 compliance features switched in and configured

Project Success

  • Risk mitigation deployed
  • Compliance regulation road map, navigated
  • Compliance regulation obtained


  • Office 365
  • MS Security & Compliance Center
  • E3, E5
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