Case Study

Application Support -Record Scanning

Project Summary

New York Presbyterian Hospital had implemented a record management scanning system to capture insurance cards and driver’s licenses without the operators leaving their desks to use a photocopier.

The system also allowed automatic integration of demographic information in HL7 format to build demographic knowledge.

The key win of using the SharePoint platform with .net customization  was that information access was anywhere at the highest levels of data security available.  The application was browser agnostic for Mac and Windows operating systems and ran on nearly any device.

Using creative ways of OOB workflow management, the operator journeys were more intuitive with reminders sent to operators, confirming eligibility verification of scanned identification.  Charge capture occurs during the charting process without billing staff needing to copy or paste.

It was true record management. CAPTURE, MANAGE, DISPOSE




Health Care



Our Role

  • Support - ‘Keeping the lights on’
  • Fix updates
  • Application Training

Project Success

  • 100% success rate of Level 1 support calls responded and closed within 60 mins
  • 80% success rate of Level 2 support calls responded and closed within 2 days
  • 100% application up time
  • Going above and beyond- weekend support, which was outside the contract hours


  • SharePoint On Prem
  • Image scanning
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