Case Study

Making beautiful workflows for SharePoint

Project Summary

Inspired Beauty Brands develops and markets personal care products to retail and distributor partners around the world. They are located in NY and sell products worldwide.

For promotions, the company needed a fast, mobile-friendly, and adaptable workflow to handle its various departments.


AgilePoint’s Low-Code DPA (Digital Process Automation) approach changed the way Inspired Beauty looked at building applications – It is now far simpler and much less time-consuming, with the low-maintenance benefit of AgilePoint’s unique low-code approach solving the legacy problem.  SoHo deployed and mapped Agilepoint, a third-party BPM tool, to provide approval steps and for Inspired Beauty’s documents to reside in the SharePoint cloud.

Although SharePoint does have a workflow engine, the client’s needs were too complex without custom code and a custom mobile app.


With Inspired Beauty quickly and securely implements a large number of form-driven internal business processes with connections to internal systems. The AgilePoint-based solution architecture and the technologies used, based on the comprehensive, concrete requirements, guarantee future controllability and ease of implementation.



Consumer Goods





Our Role

  • Business process build out
  • Real time dashboards

Project Success

  • Fast deployment that is scalable
  • No code solution
  • Client ownership of the application


  • AgilePoint

Additional Information

To give you some idea of what’s possible, I’m attaching a link to a presentation to Forrester. AgilePoint delivered a build-from-scratch presentation to Forrester based on complex requirements provided by them. We were given 1-hour to complete the project in front of them. It was recorded. Here’s a link to a 25 minute condensed version of that presentation. The demo recording is based on a benchmarking ‘custom order management’ use case scenario defined by Forrester. The use case involved integration and orchestration across multiple cloud services including Salesforce,  SharePoint/Office 365, PayPal, Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft Yammer, etc., and also leveraging AI as a service, e.g. machine learning and cognitive services. All this with no code.

Your requirements may not be as complex. But if AgilePoint v7 can do this, imagine what it can do for you.

Here’s the link:


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