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Microsoft’s new unified approach to all up defense, Microsoft Information Protection, is the culmination of Microsoft’s attempts to streamline and integrate its security features holistically for its Azure and Office 365 service offerings. Information Security, Compliance and Protection are at the forefront of ensuring that content and communications inside and outside of the organization is managed accordingly, all while making sure that the users’ experience is not negated.


In this workshop we take you through the 4 offerings from Microsoft:

  • Azure Information Protection
  • Office 365 Information Protection
  • Windows Information Protection
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security


Introduction and overview (Duration: 30 minutes)

What is Microsoft Information Protection?

MIP provides the following features:

  • Shields organizations from breaches and leaks
  • Provides a protective layer when sharing content inside or outside of the organization
  • Keeps IT and management informed of data anomalies
  • Ensuring data and device compliance


Azure Information Protection: Protection your sensitive info; anywhere, all the time.

Being able to ensure consistent data protection of your organizational and user content, be it on-premises or in the cloud, is imperative in today’s content rich world.

With Azure Information Protection, companies are able to:

  • Classify your data based on sensitivity
  • Protect your data at all times
  • Track activities on shared data
  • Ensure secure collaboration

Knowing that your sensitive information is not only encrypted but adequately protected from prying and harmful eyes, fosters a rich collaborative culture internally as well as working with partners and customers.


Office 365 Information Protection: Your Security and Compliance Framework

It’s one thing encrypting and protecting your data from prying eyes but what use is it, if it is not retained or protected against loss. With Office 365 Information Protection, Microsoft provides organizations the ability to:

  • Protection content from deletion
  • Adhere to compliance standards (GDPR, HIPAA, etc)
  • Discover content for litigation
  • Manage access to content based on rules

By implementing the correct rules, organizations are able to mitigate risk and remain compliant and at the same time ensure that content is identified, classified, retained and disposed of accordingly



Windows Information Protection: Manage your devices effectively

Mobile Device Management, including Windows 10 devices has always been tricky to manage as employees often bring their own devices which they use to access company information. With Windows Information Protection through Microsoft Intune, companies are able to:

  • Split what is corporate and personal data
  • Lock down, remote wipe and encrypt data on compromised devices
  • Risk profile devices based on type and location
  • Manage application running on devices

By profiling the devices access your company information in the cloud and on-prem, organizations will be better equipped with the necessary tools to manage corporate and non-corporate devices uniformly


Microsoft Cloud App Security: Your cloud applications secured

Organizations struggle daily with identifying and managing the amount of cloud applications that gets deployed and used by employees. Added to this, users often use their own applications in conjunction with company data. MCAS provides business with the ability to:

  • Discover and manage Shadow IT
  • Protect data access to cloud apps
  • Remediate cyberthreats across cloud apps
  • Ensure compliance of cloud apps

By being able to leverage Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph for monitoring Cloud applications, organizations can detect threats proactively while ensuring that company information is not compromised.

Recap and Whiteboarding (Duration: 30 minutes)


By working through the above sessions, attendees will be equipped with the necessary understanding of how Microsoft 365 Security solutions work together and how they can ensure total Information protection within their organization.


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