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Identity Workshop – a Cloud Accelerator Workshop

This Identity Workshop is designed to help customers assess the maturity of their identity estates – both on-premises and in the Cloud. By using Secure Score and application-discovery tools, this workshop helps customers gain visibility into their current identity estates, enabling them to define clear next steps and best practice risk-mitigation strategies.


With identity attacks on the rise, this workshop provides you with the tools and resources needed to evolve your infrastructure by securing identities and devices.  You will gain a strategic plan based on recommendations from SoHo’s Microsoft Identity team, customized to your organizational needs.

The deliverables include:

  • Understanding your identity goals and objectives
  • An evaluation of your current and desired identity postures
  • Insights into your application estates
  • Development of joint deployment plans based on key results, recommendations, and next steps


Given the complexity of identities, data, applications, and devices, it’s essential to ensure that the right people securely access the right information. In this workshop, SoHo will show you how identity and devices are the fundamental pillars of an integrated security philosophy and an end-to-end security strategy.

Through this workshop, you will:

  • Get a rating of your security posture and see how it compares to your peers.
  • Gain insights into apps used in your environment – even ones unsanctioned by IT.
  • Understand how to prevent identities from being compromised.
  • Learn how to reduce costs and improve business agility and security with simplified app access.
  • Secure user identities on all devices.


Identity Workshop phases and activities

Pre Engagement

  • Introductions
  • Engagement walk-through
  • Expectations
  • Fill in and return the questionnaire
  • Other pre-engagement preparations

Engagement Setup

  • Engagement walk-through
  • Engagement tools
  • Secure Score Overview and Identity Posture Assessment
    • Application Discovery presentation
    • Configuration of engagement tools


Application Discovery Reporting and discussion

  • Report discovered applications and get ready for prioritization
  • Application discussion

Design and Planning

  • Identity Fundamentals
    • Integration scenarios
    • Cloud and Hybrid Identities
  • Self-Service Password Reset
    • SSPR options
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Conditional Access
  • Azure AD Application Management
    • Secure Hybrid Access
    • Single Sign-on
    • Application Proxy
    • My Apps

Workshop Day

  • Customer Value Conversation
  • Discovery Session
  • Key results, recommendations, and next steps
    • Present design decisions
    • Present prioritization
    • Discuss next steps


Through the Identity-Posture Improvement through Secure-Score Deployment plan, you’ll gain insight into:

  • Identity fundamentals – Azure AD integration and authentication scenario design decisions.
  • SSPR, MFA, and CA design decisions and high-level deployment plans.
  • Application classification and prioritization plan.


Senior BDMs – CIO, etc., and TDMs – IT Security, IT Ops


MS Teams, Azure, O365



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  • Adoption



  • M365
  • Azure


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